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Joker Graphix

For crazy yet creative minds

March 8th, 2010

Why so serious?

GOT | Creepy
In this post
- Joker requested by daylight_broke (20-26)

HERE @ emsen

March 1st, 2010

TDK's Joker-5
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earth' Jester-9

Clowns under the cut--->Collapse )

February 7th, 2010

Image Nom

leoben- tell me now

Stolen shamelessly from rancid_rainbow 's livejournal *wink*

Credit to her for this image :) I hadnt seen it so thought i would share XD

A second CD of tunes i didnt know existed AND remix's by the Crystal method??!!
Awesome Overload!!!

Disc: 2
1. Bank Robbery (Prologue)
2. Buyer Beware
3. Halfway To Hong Kong
4. Decent Men In An Indecent Time
5. You're Gonna Love Me
6. Chance
7. You Complete Me
8. The Ferries
9. We Are Tonight's Entertainment
10. A Watchful Guardian
11. Why So Serious? (The Crystal Method Remix)[BONUS TRACKS]
12. Poor Choice of Words (Paul van Dyk Remix)[BONUS TRACKS]
13. Gunpowder and Gasoline (Mel Wesson Remix)[BONUS TRACKS]
14. Rory's First Kiss (Ryeland Allison Remix)[BONUS TRACKS]

If you dont have this and would like it , drop me a comment XD

When i was a kid i wanted to be a comic book artist, wasnt the done thing then, this is my little messy ode to a childhood dream.(Drawn with wacom tablet courtesy of my lovely sister)
Its not shit, but not great.....subject matter is a win though ;)

February 4th, 2010

Random HLJ Art

leoben- tell me now
Made some random HLJ images whilst bored and trying not to think about a crap presentation i have to give tomorrow.....sigh

Some more variations HERE at my Journal.
Credit if used for naything please :)

February 1st, 2010

2 Joker Banners

leoben- tell me now
1) Animated - Preview Below

MORE HERECollapse )

January 31st, 2010

This is wicked!

leoben- tell me now

January 30th, 2010

Joker Promo

leoben- tell me now
I hadnt seen this one before, others may have, thought id share anyways.

Enjoy! XD
(Image found on the superherohype boards)
Yola Boils and Ghouls!

Ive been thinking recently of seeking out some fanfic to read, can anyone suggest some good stories for me? Preferably with a proper storyline not a kind of 'this is my fantasy' thing, if you get me? HAHA!

Thanks for any suggestions or links.

I leave you with animated Joker Lol goodness XD

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