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Joker Graphix

:3 Lots of manips

:3 Lots of manips

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Abigill Hug by moi
Hey, all! I've been a long-time lurker, but I suppose I finally decided to come out of the shadows (that makes me sound like a stalker o.O) and share some of my manips. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Credit isn't necessary, but it DOES make one warm and fuzzy inside. <3

-Joker/Selina Kyle (my Selina is blonde. Why? Because I grew up with a blonde Selina in BTAS <3)
-Joker/Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy
-Joker/Harleen Quinzel
-Joker/whatever else doesn't fit the aforementioned descriptions

Joker/Selina: Nightmare

Joker/Harley: Night on the Town (made for a good friend for roleplaying. Please don't take if you're a Joker or Harley roleplayer on MySpace!)

Joker/Harley: Pretend a Fancy Title Exists Here (again, made for my friend. No stealy, RPers!)

Joker/Harley: Loungin' Around (AGAIN for my friend...you know the drill ;P)

Joker/Selina: I Hate You xD

Pimpin' J (feat. Selina & Pamela)

J/Selina: You're Kinda Creepy...

J/Selina: Don't Worry, I'll Be the Distraction Part of the Plan! :'D

Joker/Rachel: ...Partners? xD

Joker/Rachel: ...Partners fur REELZ? lol

Joker/Holmes!Rachel: Tension

Joker: The Beast Within

AU Joker/Rachel (I heard McAdams was rumored to be Rach, so there ya go)

Jack's Descent (I always thought it'd make everything more tragic/interesting if J and Rach knew one another before the transformation, because that would further prove how merciless he TRULY is...so this is just me messing with that)

Just for lulz (Magsie makes a surprisingly good Belle :P)

Patient J

A friend asked me to make them Pepper/Joker...so I did xD

Joker/Selina....without make-up


J/Ivy (but a diff version of her)

Joker/Rachel: Orange-y thang

J/McAdams version of Rach again

...And again xD

~~Guh, sorry for the massive BUTTLOAD of manips, but these have been stacking up over the years....and here there are. :P Hope you liked, despite some of the oddities! lol~~
  • Wow!! These are well done!

    I don't like Joker pairings with anyone, but that "what if?" of Joker and Rachel (the green tinged one of it looking like they're kissing in the background) is done in a way that I can appreciate the idea for the shot. It just struck me in a way I can't explain. VERY nice!
    • If I had to choose, I wouldn't have J with anyone either (pretty sick of the JxHQ invasion x_X), but Jokachel's always intrigued me cuz of the whole 'criminal corrupting the pure, upstanding lawyer' dynamic. And I thought if they'd dated before he went off his rocker, it'd add to how malicious/evil he truly is when he had her killed, thus showing that he truly has no remorse for his actions. But thanks! :D <3 These are all oldies, so it means a lot that you think they look decent. xP
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