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September 24th, 2010

Hey, all! I've been a long-time lurker, but I suppose I finally decided to come out of the shadows (that makes me sound like a stalker o.O) and share some of my manips. I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Credit isn't necessary, but it DOES make one warm and fuzzy inside. <3

-Joker/Selina Kyle (my Selina is blonde. Why? Because I grew up with a blonde Selina in BTAS <3)
-Joker/Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy
-Joker/Harleen Quinzel
-Joker/whatever else doesn't fit the aforementioned descriptions

Manips out the wazoo, fur reelz (I'm eloquent, I swear)Collapse )

August 8th, 2010

Joker, conceprt-art


July 30th, 2010

Well, these are a few icons that I made of The Joker & Harley Quinn. I hope all you guys like it.


They're mad loveCollapse )

June 21st, 2010


leoben- tell me now

MORE??Collapse )

April 29th, 2010

001-142. movie; the dark knight
143-179. music; lady gaga

180-208. season 3 episode 4 "i am become death"
209-226. season 3 episode 5 "angels and monsters"

sunrise and sunset
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April 1st, 2010

This is my first post and I don't know if this allowed but...if not, just delete.

Since Simon is leaving, the people behind the American Idol show decided to add a new judge for the series.  They needed someone with the same presence and attitude that had recognized Simon during all his seasons.  Here is the new Judge trying out the waters with the departing judge...


I Don't know who's manipulation is this, but you my man/woman are a genius.  To you all the credit.  This made me laugh my ass off!!!

March 13th, 2010

Nom XD

And another

leoben- tell me now

Enjoy XD

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